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Share'ngo Tourism. Electric Trails Across Italy

People like us, travel to discover and learn. We cherish the smile of a farmer, or the smell of freshly baked bread from a wood oven. We travel independently, renting a car, scooter or bike in every new place we visit, because we have learnt that the most precious moments in a holiday are the unexpected meetings, and the spontaneous stops along the way.

Sharen’ngo’s Electric Trails were born to give you the freedom of movement of a car, but the tranquillity and silence of a bicyle – with the added benefit of exploring Italy on a 0 carbon footprint.

Ever driven an electric car? Our ZDs will help you discover just how easy and fun it can be.

Within a few kilometres you’ll be won over by the degree of flexibility these cars can give you: entering restricted areas in historical centres, free and reserved parking areas almost everywhere, and a drive so pleasurable, it will remind you of your early licence days.

Each Share’ngo Electric Trail has been devised to take you on a discovery of entrancing locations, of memorable overnight stays, and of the foods and wines that have made Italy a paradise for gourmands.

The 2016 programme consists of 8 trails – a sweet taster to what Sharengo Tourism will be offering in time.

Try them all, you’ll never see enough of Italy.


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